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Bjerke opplevelser | Activity Provider in Jotunheimen

Bjerke Experiences is an activity provider in Jotunheimen. Mountains, glaciers and randonee. They offers team building and group adventures.

Bjerke Opplevelser offers a wide range of tours and experiences in Jotunheimen all year.

The activity provider Bjerke Opplevelser have a social profile and organize gatherings that include accommodation, food and social enjoyment in addition to exciting hikes like climbing, randonee and glacier.

Arrangements are advertised at the Facebook page and it is also possible to request other dates.

Bjerke Opplevelser organize mountain camps for young people and gatherings with courses, e.g. introductory course in avalanche and randonee.

The company was founded in 2023. The general manager is Yvonne Bjerke, who has many years of experience as an organizer and tour guide for the Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) in Jotunheimen.

Source: Visit Jotunheimen AS


Bjerke opplevelser | Activity Provider in Jotunheimen

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