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Blåhornet - Kilstisætra

The summit of Blåhornet (741 masl.) presents a surprisingly fine view, and a magnificent panorama of Norddalsfjorden and surrounding hamlets.

Idyllic family walk with views.

Starting point Gjerdeneset is located after about 5 km driving on the municipal road in the direction of Kilsti. A signposted trail towards Kilstivatnet begins here. You walk along the lake past a boat landing. It is possible to wheel a child carriage this far by using the gravel road through the courtyard of the first farm after the parking lot.

You then follow a signposted trail towards Ospehjellen. From there on, a good trail with an even rise takes you to the top of Blåhornet (741 m.a.s.l.). Please note that the trail splits just after passing a bog, between some rock outcroppings. Go to the left towards the summit. Count on approx. 1 1/2 hours with children.

The summit presents a surprisingly fine view, and a magnificent panorama of Norddalsfjorden and surrounding hamlets.

The trail downhill towards Kilstisætra follows the south ridge, which constitutes the edge towards Verpesdalen. For a short while, the trail is steep and close to the cliff. A bit more than halfway to the summer dairy you can leave the ridge and follow a trail downhill to Verpesdalen, if you wish.

Kilstisætra remained in operation until the late 1960s. Four farmsteads at Kilsti and one further downhill were using this summer farm. At the time, the milk was brought by boat across the lake and then carried down to the farms. The milk bound for Andersgarden in the village below was hauled with a funicular (built 1938) from Ytste Kilsti. The meadows at the summer farm were mowed as long as dairy farming was kept up. Dried hay was freighted to the farm on horse sleds across the frozen lake during winter. The nice, sandy beach below the dairy site came out in the area during the 1960s. It is a favourite bathing beach for the younger.

The walk back to the parking lot along the north-east side of the lake is easy and pleasant. You may reckon with one hour or less from Gjerdeneset (parking) directly to the summer farm.

(Source: Opptur Geirangerfjord)

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Ålesund & Sunnmøre

Blåhornet - Kilstisætra

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