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Bleskestadmoen in Suldal


Bleskestadmoen in Suldal is a charming cabin located on a beautiful mountain pasture surrounded by mountain birch forests and bare mountains in Ryfylke.

At 711 meters above sea level, nestled in Nesflaten and Roalkvam, and up from Bleskestad, far into Suldal, lies Bleskestadmoen as a memory of an exciting time with mountain farming and animals grazing.

In earlier times, Suldal locals and people from the east met for horse trading at Bleskestadmoen. It takes 2-3 hours to hike to Stavanger Tourist Association's oldest cabin from Bleskestad. It's easily accessible both in summer and winter.

In 2001, the old cabin (built in 1891) was restored and set up in its original form. At the same time, a brand new main cabin was built. In collaboration with the landowner, the cookhouse and barn were also restored.

There are many trails to and from Bleskestadmoen. You can approach from the north via Holmavatn cabin. The hike takes you through easy high mountain terrain before descending through birch forests to the cabin.

From Breive, you can follow the only old east-west mountain road that hasn't been divided by power plant interventions.

The trail from Jonstølen/Mostøl to Bleskestadmoen passes beautiful mountain farm areas and easy high mountain terrain with fantastic views of Bleskestadmoen below.

Bleskestadmoen is a self-serviced cabin with food storage and is accessible all year round.

As a member of Stavanger Tourist Association, you get approximately 30% discount on cabin accommodation.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Bleskestadmoen in Suldal


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