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Blue Mountain Hall | Melkevoll Bretun

More than 6000 years ago, a big stone avelanche came down the mountainside in the inner end of Oldedalen. Big rocks landed and was left in the hillside and is the stone avelanche you can see today around Melkevoll Bretun. It is in this stone area Melkevoll Bretun Camping is built, and every summer season people camp or rent cabins here. At one of the viewpoints, around one of the biggest stones in this scree, the owner of Melkevoll Bretun - Inge Melkevoll - has built a special building called “The Blue Mountain Hall” of stone, tree and glas. From here you have views to the glaciers, huge mountains and waterfalls. The Blue Mountain Hall is built as an integrated part in harmony with nature and the surrounding areas.

The Blue Mountain Hall is built around a big rock that is one of the walls in the Hall. The idea is to create a place for gatherings that is honoring the nature, where we have concerts, courses and various types of events. The Blue Mountain Hall was finished during the summer 2018, and has since then been used for concerts, courses, yogaclasses- and retreats among other things.

It is possible to rent this hall to some types of gatherings and cultural events.

It is space to sit for 110 persons.
It is tables and chairs for 60 persons.
Toilets and water is to be found in the reception building at Melkevoll Bretun, 1 minute walk from the Blue Mountain Hall.
For alcohol-free events only.

Source: Nordfjord


Blue Mountain Hall | Melkevoll Bretun

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