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Boat routes in Florø // Florabassenget

Boat routes in Florø // Florabassenget

Take the boat route in Florø and explore the beautiful Islands.

From Fugleskjærskaia in Florø, the route boat has several departures during the day. Visit the green, grass-covered Island of Kinn with Kinnakyrkja and Kinnaklova, travel to the southernmost and most lush Island of Svanøy, or discover beautiful Batalden.


The ferry operated by fjord1 departs from Fugleskjærskaia in Florø and has daily departures. At, you can enter your departure, arrival and when you want to travel, and you will gt all the timetables for the given destination.

Star stops *

Certain stops, such as at Kinn, are so-called star stops. You must therefore book a scheduled boat in advance before it departs from Florø. You can find information about which island is a star stop at or at

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Boat routes in Florø // Florabassenget

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