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Body Rafting in Leirdøla river


Challenge yourself, with a wild, wet, and fun experience in the canyon! Natural waterslides, easy climbing and cliff jumping. This is the nature's own aquapark!

Try Body Rafting in the narrow canyon of Leirdøla river, with Fjord Active! Feel the adrenaline pumping in your body, as you are standing on the edge ready to jump into the river. You know it`s safe and that you will land in the river, but do you dare?

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Bring your family or friends and take the challenge! Equipped with wetsuit, lifejacket, and helmet, you are ready, and the tour starts with a short walk through the forest. It´s not long, just enough to make sure that your body is warm, and you are ready to face the refreshing mountain water in the river.

Information about the tour

First you are “climbing” the canyon as you are swimming over small lakes and climbing up next to the waterfalls. It is challenging, but not very difficult, and the guide will always support you if needed.

Part two of the adventure, you are challenged to slide in natural waterslides, some short, some longer and some so steep, it feels like falling down the waterfalls. You will also get the chance to jump from cliffs, from 1 meter up to 8 meters, and all the time you are as close to the element as you can be.

This makes the experience even stronger and more exiting. NB! You can always decide the size of your own challenge. Nobody will be forced to jump or slide if they do not want to. The body rafting is a perfect activity for couples, friends, and families. It is challenging enough for the toughest teenagers, but also easy to adjust so that it is not scary.

It is a medium level tour, not very difficult, but you should like to be in the water. It is a 2-hour activity, and the age limit is 10 years.

Fjord Active supplies all special equipment as wetsuit, helmet, and lifejacket. You should bring wool underwear (recommended) or swimming gear to wear under your suit, and a pair of trainers or wet shoes to use in the river. We also recommend wearing (woollen) socks in the shoes.

Last updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Body Rafting in Leirdøla river


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