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Bokbyen - The Norwegian Booktown

The Norwegian book town sells used books in beautiful Fjærland. Here are 150,000 books in all categories, for all interests - all well sorted.

Quite possibly Norways most beautiful bookstore!

The Norwegian Booktown is situated in Mundal, the centre of Fjærland.

It consists of various second-hand bookshops, some of them are combined with a café, art gallery and souvenirshop.

Solstice bookfair every year in May/ June.

Open every day May - September (Closed on 17th of May), but you can buy books online all year round.

The Norwegian Book Town in Fjærland started out very modestly in 1995, and now stocks about 2.5 miles of shelving, filled with books, in a variety of abandoned buildings – from ferry waiting rooms, stables and local banks to post office and grocery shop. Besides taking care of books, the idea here was also to preserve the old buildings, this makes some of the shops rather exceptional and characteristic.

You here find small, specialized shops, some of them in connection with other trades like the two hotels and the arts & crafts shop, and quite large shops selling only second-hand books: Straumsvågs Antikvariat and Den norske bokbyen A/S.


Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Bokbyen - The Norwegian Booktown

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