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Brønnøysund Kajakk- courses and rental of kayaks, SUPs, and boats

Brønnøysund Kajakk has everything you need to explore the beautiful sea areas and islands around Brønnøysund, whether you want to do it with a kayak, SUP, or boat.

With a base in Innervika, in the sheltered archipelago on the inside of the islands in Brønnøy, Brønnøysund Kajakk provides a fantastic starting point for water tours. From here, you can paddle on the “innside” to Brønnøysund town, the legendary Torghatten mountain, or further out to the exciting “støvelhavene” between the many islets and skerries in the archipelago on the “outside.”

Kayak and SUP board- rental and courses
If you’re looking for a more relaxed time on the water, the areas around Innervika are perfect for the whole family. Brønnøysund Kajakk has kayaks for children, as well as SUP boards and canoes.

If you’re a larger group, Brønnøysund Kajakk can arrange introductory and basic kayaking courses, and they can take you on guided paddling tours.

On land, they offer a sauna tent and a service building with showers, toilets, and a mini kitchen, so you can relax and cook after your trip.

You don’t have to travel far to find great fishing spots on the Helgeland coast, and Brønnøysund Kajakk offers both boats and fishing gear for rent, just for that. It’s a fantastic way to experience the beautiful coastline here. How about combining your fishing trip with a swim? There are many lovely swimming spots in the area, and on warm summer days, there’s almost nothing better than anchoring in a sheltered bay and simply enjoying some leisure time on the water.

In Innervika, they also offer tent sites, a service building with showers, toilets, and a mini-kitchen, an outdoor grill area, and the option to rent a caravan on-site.

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as


Brønnøysund Kajakk- courses and rental of kayaks, SUPs, and boats

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