Breheimen National Park

Breheimen National Park is situated between the Rv. 15 road over the Strynefjellet mountains and the Fv. 55 road over the Sognefjellet mountains, and stretches across the municipalities of Lom, Skjåk and Luster.

Breheimen is home to some of the wettest and some of the driest places in Norway. The area extends from just above sea level to well over 2,000 metres. The landscape has been formed by glaciers, landslides and other geological processes that have taken place over hundreds of thousands of years. Today, everything from lush valley grazing areas to rugged high mountains and glaciers are found in Breheimen, which is one of our most diverse national parks.

Over the years, those living in the area of Breheimen National Park have developed a strong connection to the mountains through hunting, fishing, seasonal livestock farming and the comings and goings between eastern and western Norway.

Breheimen has for many years now been enticing hikers into the mountain wilds, but many of the hikes are among the most challenging in southern Norway, partly because there are few proper paths in the area but also because most of the mountain cabins are not staffed. On a hike in Breheimen, you will experience the peacefulness of nature in the valleys and rugged mountain landscape. In the summer, you may come across grazing livestock near the many upland farmsteads.

Last updated: 09/08/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Breheimen National Park

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