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Briksdal Glacier | Fjordguiding

Nordfjord Panorama road and explore the Briksdal Glacier

The magnificent Briksdal Glacier forms part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park, and plunges 1200 metres to the lush, narrow Briksdal valley below – a sight that attracts 300,000 visitors from all over the world each year.

Step onboard a comfortable bus that will take out of the Port and on a beautiful guided tour along the Nordfjord, through the famous Panorama-road. A narrow road that will take you close into the cultural landscape while you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful Fjord.

At arrival Briksdal you can either walk the 3 km up to the glacier or you can buy a ticket with one of the “Troll Cars” that will take you there.
Next to the bus stop there is a cafeteria where you can buy lunch and shop souvenirs.

Port of call: Nordfjordeid, Norway
Prices: NOK 695,- per person (adults and kids)

Duration: 6 hours

Location: Briksdal (2 hours by bus)

Capacity: Maximum 50 guests per group
Meals included: None
Meeting point:
East side of the quay building.
Sign marked with “Briksdal Glacier”
Kaivegen 12, 6770 Nordfjordeid

Source: Nordfjord


Briksdal Glacier | Fjordguiding

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