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Bryn Gardsmeieri

Local quality cheese produced in Flendalen in Trysil since 2003. Dairy with small farm shop.

 Qualitycheese from Trysil!

The farm Bryn in Flendalen is originally from 1935. The farm also consists of an even older farm house up in the mountains, in the mountain area Rømonysetra in Bittermarka. Bittermarka is a beautiful area for a day trip, and in the summer time you may even see the goats.

There have always been goats on the farm. The farm has a small dairy where they produce cheese from goat milk.
There is a small farm store in association to the dairy where you can buy this quality cheese from Trysil. You can also get hold of the local goat cheese at the grocery store Coop Mega in Trysil town center.



Bryn Gardsmeieri

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