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Bus Sognefjord

Travel by bus when you want to experience the Sognefjord and you also get a fantastic view.

Bus is a great option if you are going to travel longer distances around the Sognefjord.

Tide bus runs on behalf of Skyss i the Sognfjord and the local routes run in zone J and give the same price regardless of the length of the journey. In the summer, the route also extends to Lom and Ål and you then have the same bus ticket. 

Zone J includes Vik, Balestrand, Fjærland, Leikanger, Sogndal. Gaupne, Lærdal, Årdal, Aurland and Flåm.

If you wish to experience the entire Sognefjord, it is recommended to buy a 24-hour ticket. Download the Skyss app and buy tickets and for more information go to

You can buy the ticket onboard the bus or in the Skyss App. 

Price from 1 February

Tickets                                        One Zone

30-days youth ticket                    NOK 390

7 days ticket:

Adults:                                          250 NOK

Children:                                      125 NOK

Senior:                                         125 NOK

Student:                                       150 NOK

One zone

Single ticket

Adults:                                          44 NOK

Children:                                       22 NOK

Senior:                                          22 NOK

Student:                                        26 NOK

24-hour ticket

Adults:                                         110 NOK

Children:                                       55 NOK

Senior:                                          55 NOK

Student:                                        65 NOK

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Bus Sognefjord

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