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Bus to Aurlandsdalen


The «hiking bus» takes you from Flåm, Aurland or Vassbygdi to Østerbø, which are great starting points for hikes in the Aurlandsdalen valley.

On the drive from Flåm to Aurlandsdalen, you drive in beautiful scenery. First you drive along the magnificent Aurlandsfjord, where the old farm Otternes is situated at the foot of the mountains. Otternes consists of a collection of 27 old buildings.

The bus drives through Aurlandsvangen, the community center in Aurland, and also pass the Turlidfossen waterfall before the bus goes on to Vassbygdi, a traditional farming community and a start and stop point for hiking routes in the Aurlandsdalen valley.

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Note! The “hiking bus” is popular, and on some days and for some part of the trip it may be necessary to get an extra bus. In those cases you may have to wait for some time before the extra bus is in place.

Other distances
If you wish to take the "hiking bus" on other distances, you find other options under the trip "Hiking bus from Aurlandsdalen".

You can take the «Hiking bus» from Flåm, Aurland or Vassbygdi and travel to Østerbø or Geiteryggen. Make sure you book for the correct start and stop location.


Period 01.06-15.10.2023*

Dep. Flåm 08:30 14:45 16:30

Aurland 08:40 14:55 16:40

Vassbygdi 09:00 15:10 17:00

Berdalen 09:20 n/a x

Østerbø 09:45 n/a 17:30

Dep. Østerbø 09:45 n/a 17:30

Vassbygdi 10:20 15:10 18:05

Aurland 10:35 15:30 18:20

Flåm 10:50 15:45 18:30

Kayak / bicycle: Not Allowed | Dogs: Allowed* *Please read our booking terms & condiotions

All information is subject to change without guarantee - changes and errors may occur

Last updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Bus to Aurlandsdalen

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