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Cabin Langtjern

Beautiful and simple cottage located right on the water's edge of lake Langtjern in Drangedal with a great view to enjoy nature and life around the water.

The cottage is located right on the water's edge by the lake Langtjern with perfect views of the nature around and the lake in front of the cabin.

Standard of the cabin
The cottage is 50 square meters with a simple standard but modern interior. There are 2 bedrooms that sleep 6 people. The cottage has an open kitchen and living room with great views of the lake Langtjern as well as a dining table for 6 people sofa and wood stove. The kitchen is equipped with gas stove and gas refrigerator. The cabin has neither electricity nor running water, but there are solar panels that provide light and an outdoor toilet.

No mobile coverage
There is no cell phone coverage in the area.

Access to the cottage
In summer you can drive all the way to the cottage. In winter it is approx. 10 km to the cottage. It is possible to rent snowmobile transport, contact the landlord for price.

Various outdoor activities around the cottage
The cabin is a great starting point for fishing and various outdoor experiences. There is also a canoe by the cottage which is included in the rent.

Dogs are welcome
It is allowed to bring a dog.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Telemarkreiser AL

Cabin Langtjern

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