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Canoe and SUP rentals at Losby Gods

Many hiking opportunities in the wonderful Østmarka.

Losby Gods is referred to as the pearl of Østmarka. They are surrounded by lovely deep forests, great hiking trails and beautiful lakes. Here you have unimaginable hiking opportunities in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Combine a picnic in the green with a canoe trip or fun with SUP on the water. Canoe rental Mønevann, Fløyta and Røyrivannet are the first waters you come to in Losbydalen. These lakes invite you to great experiences "the sea way". Beyond that, there is countless amounts of water in the field.

Losby Gods has eight canoes for hire at the hotel. Two 4-seater canoes and six 3-seater canoes. To order a canoe, send an e-mail to, or call 67 92 33 00.

Price for renting a canoe per day, NOK 500, including 2 life jackets, oars and canoe trolley.

Rent Friday - Saturday or Saturday to Sunday: NOK 1000,-

Rent Friday - Sunday: NOK 1500,-

Rent SUP pr day: NOK 350,- 

Mønevann is located within a 15 minutes' walk from the hotel . We recommend starting the canoe trip here. This is a lovely swimming area, with lawns, a sandy beach, diving boards and rocks. In addition to launching the canoe in Mønevann, it is a perfect place to swim, relax and enjoy yourself. There are also barbecue facilities here.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Canoe and SUP rentals at Losby Gods

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