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Canoe/cayak on lake Nisser (Vrådal)

Lake Nisser is well suited for paddling. Here there is a fantastic island landscape between steep mountains with a good and mild summer climate.

The island landscape in Vrådal invites to great experiences on the water. The many islands, narrow straits, and beautiful rocky shores provide a good starting point for paddling trips. Being located at the top of the Arendal waterway, the good weather from Southern Norway also reaches here, and water temperatures usually stay above 20 degrees Celsius in July and August.

Islands with fine sandy beaches and facilities for grilling
Several of the islands at the top of Lake Nisser, near Vrådal, have fire pits and benches for visitors. There are also small, lovely sandy beaches in several places. And if you want to paddle far, it is possible to paddle 60 kilometers from Vråliosen to Treungen.

Vrådal town center is a good starting point, with a large parking lot and a boat launching ramp right below the grocery store.

Boats and canoes can be rented in several places in Vrådal.
Straand Hotel rents out canoes, rowboats, and pedal boats.
The tourist information in the center of Vrådal rents out canoes, kayaks, and motorboats.

Vrådal is located at the upper part of Lake Nisser and the lower part of Lake Vråvatn. Nisser is 77 square kilometers and is connected to Vråvatn through two locks, Småstraum and Storestraum, and a canal. Nisser is Norway's ninth-largest lake and the largest in Telemark.

Source: Vest Telemark


Canoe/cayak on lake Nisser (Vrådal)

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