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Canoeing in idyllic Åstdalen

2 pcs Hasle canoes for 24-hour rent. Mileage with stationary river.

3,7 km south of Øvre Åstbru, on the eastern side of the river (view map), there are 6 units of Hasle canoes for hire. From this starting point you will find mileage of stationary river in both directions. The canoes are located in a boat dock near the road.

For rent: Call or send text to Ida on cell phone +47 94 84 62 70. As soon as payment is registered, pin code for lock is provided. 

Price: NOK 300, - per canoe per day incl. West-Adult loans included. Children must have your own vests.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Canoeing in idyllic Åstdalen

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