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Canoeing in Siljan watercourse

From the bridge in the centre of Siljan you can paddle all the way down to Farrisvannet lake in Vestfold.

One can paddle continuously down to Gorningen. The paddling is about 4 km.

There are some minor rapids along the way that can pose a little challenge if the water flow is high.

Otherwise, the river is calm and you mostly paddle through an agricultural landscape.

At the Gonsholt bridge, the canoe must be carried past the stroke under the bridge, a short stretch.

Then you can paddle all over Gorningen and up to the pond, about 2 km.

From the dam at Gorningen, the canoe is carried about 100m down to Lauv and then paddle towards Little Lauv.

From Little Lauv the canoe is carried 500 meters down to Lakssjø.

In the summer it is easy to follow the river bed down to Kistebrua. Then you can paddle across Lakssjø down to the old needle pond in the outlet.

The rapids downstream of Lakssjø can be quite rough if there is a lot of water flow.

It is recommended that the canoe be worn to the downside of Moholt ironworks, approx. 300 m. From here you can paddle continuously down to Farris, about 2.5 km along the river.

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Canoeing in Siljan watercourse

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