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Caravan parking at Tysnes

Tysnes Båtutleige now offers motorhome/caravan parking with electricity and water for 3-4 vehicles at Jensvoll / Uggdal in Tysnes.

Tysnes Båtutleige offers 3-4 motorhome/caravan parking places at Jensvoll / Uggdal with electricity and water.

It is a gravel parking place with fantastic views, and a shop, restaurant and marina in 1.5 km distance, Haaheim Gaard (5 km) and Mandelhuset restaurant in Våge (7 km).

Sanitary building and emptying possibilities in Våge (7km). GPS: 59.9915535 / 5.4935808

Toilet emptying: No - emptying station in Våge about 7 km.

Drainage of wastewater: No - emptying station in Våge about 7 km.

Toilet and shower: No (Sanitary building by the marina / Våge for a fee).

Garbage emptying: Cabin container by the road.

Maximum 3,5 tonns and 7,5 meters.

You also have the possibility to rent a motorboat or order a guided fishing tour.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Caravan parking at Tysnes

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