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Chasing the dancing Aurora (Northern lights) - Longyearbyen Guiding


Come and join our chase for the dancing Aurora! Our warm and comfortable minibus will take you outside the city and the light pollution, to the best viewpoints for the ultimate kodak moments of the spectacular Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights season in Svalbard begins in October and ends in March. From November it is officially polar night, which means that the sun is always more than 6 degrees below the horizon. It's dark around the clock, and you can see the Northern Lights even during daytime!

Starry skies, glittering moonlight and dancing Northern Lights.

Join us in the chase for the dancing Northern Lights and experience the mysterious darkness as we drive out of town and away from the light pollution to find the best spots for capturing the dancing Aurora. We follow it’s dance from Mine 7 in the east to the Global Seed Vault in the west with extra stops wherever you wish. Magnus, our native guide, can also offer stories and knowledge about Longyearbyen and will keep you warm and safe through the tour.

Our one guide, Magnus, started here in kindergarten at the age of 4, attended several years of primary school and all of secondary school before going to high school on the mainland. He returned after high school and started working for Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani (the state-owned mining company) in 1979. In 1993, a cute girl came to visit as a tourist and Magnus fell in love. In 1995, when the girl had finished her veterinary studies, Magnus moved down to the mainland, got married and had three children with her. He returned to Svalbard in 2018 and has been here ever since.

We run tours every night at 9 pm. If we consider the possibilities of seeing the northern lights as marginal, we might cancel the tour, but if we do you will get the money back of course.

We run daily tours starting at 9pm which lasts about two hours.

Welcome to a memorable chase of the Northern Lights!

Important information:
- Pick-up at your hotel
- Warm and comfortable bus
- A lot of stops during the tour, bring clothes and shoes for the weather
- Drop-off at your hotel

Source: Svalbard Reiseliv AS


Chasing the dancing Aurora (Northern lights) - Longyearbyen Guiding


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