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Cider tastings at OmCider in Hjelmeland

OmCider produces apple juice and apple cider on Fevoll farm on Hjelmeland in Ryfylke. You can join a guided tour with tastings and visit the farm shop.

At OmCider you can look for "trolls" in the mountain as you wander between the long rows of apple trees.

The farm has 17,000 apple trees, 2,700 cherry trees in tunnels and 100 sheep. Here are varieties such as Summerred, Red Aroma, Red Gravenstein, Rubinstep, Karen Schneider, Ellis Bitter, Bramley and Rossett. They produce both apple juice and apple cider, and sell the products in the farm shop.

Cider tastings 

Join a guided walk between apple and cherry trees, and learn about the cider production and the farming life on Fevoll farm. After the walk, you can taste the cider and visit the farm shop.

Price: NOK 490,- per person. (Minimum 4 people)

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Cider tastings at OmCider in Hjelmeland

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