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Course in traditional beer brewing with Eldhuset Dale, in Voss

Come and learn about the ancient brewing tradition on courses in beer brewing with kveik and crackle. A complete brewing of traditional beer in the firehouse takes 10-12 hours, so we have made a course plan over 3 days.

Homebrew, farm beer, or Vossabeer is the name of the beer that from time immemorial has our pier on the farms in Voss. Together with a few other places in the country, the tradition has survived here to modern times.

The beer is different from modern types of beer as it both contains junipers and usually hosts the pier over an open fire in a copper boiler, in a firehouse. Traditionally, the beer was served without carbonation in the beer keg, a drinking vessel with handles decorated with a horse's head.

What makes the homebrew completely unique is the quail. Kveik is a brewer's yeast that has been used on the farms, and which has been passed down from generation to generation. Now modern DNA analysis shows that the quail is a unique branch on the family tree of all brewer's yeast in the world.

If you want to learn how to brew yourself, this course is perfect for you!

Season: April-December
Days: Wed-Fri or Fri-Sun
Start and end time: Brewery day 07:00 to 19:00
Age limit: 18 years
Included: Accommodation in Gamlahuset, brewing course, simple serving (evening Friday, lunch Saturday) dinner Saturday, and tasting of brew.
Course leader: Kjetil Dale, culture bearer and beer brewery.
Requirements for clothing: clothing according to the season that can withstand smoke odor and dirt.
Price per person: 5500 per person.

Excludes: Breakfast.

Course weekend:
Friday: The group comes to the garden on Friday afternoon/evening. Kjetil goes through the plan for the weekend/the days and tells what is going to happen, in addition, there will be a simple food service.
Saturday: This is the brewing day. The day starts at 07:00 and lasts until about 19:00. There will be several breaks throughout the day and there are many hiking opportunities in the vicinity if you want to see more of the landscape around the farm. For lunch, it will be a simple serving, with cured meats from Skår farm and flatbread. In the evening there will be dinner in the old house. Kjetil sums up the day and there will be a tasting of brew.
Sunday: Departure.

Remember to shop for breakfast. There is no shop within walking distance of the garden.

The old house was built in 1860 and renovated between 2013-18. The house has a total of 8 beds, a small kitchen, and a stove. Bathroom with shower and toilet. In the old milk room in the barn, there is a laundry room with a washer and dryer, toilets, and showers.

The farm is idyllically located between the slopes in the forest. From here you have a view of Lønahorgi and the mountains over Fenne.

Read more about the accommodation here:

Source: Destinasjon Voss


Course in traditional beer brewing with Eldhuset Dale, in Voss

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