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Courses, conferences and team building at Røst!


At Røst, you and your colleagues get the best setting for courses, conferences and team building.

Are you and your colleagues looking for a slightly different experience when it comes to courses and conferences?

At the far end of the ocean, you get the peace of mind you need, with beautiful nature, short-distance food and unforgettable experiences. At Røst Bryggehotell, all facilities are offered for holding courses and conferences.

On the second floor of the hotel is our meeting room, with a view of the boat traffic and the mountains. Here you can get inspiration, find peace of mind and simply breathe a little.

We offer:
- Meeting room with a capacity of 30 people
- Projector
- Canvas
- Whiteboard
- Coffee and cakes
- The most delicious dishes from our restaurant
- Accommodation
- Breakfast

Come to Røst and get a completely different experience when it comes to courses and conferences.

As important as the course or conference itself is also the unity and team building. A good team building can be something as simple as kahoot on the projector - a good quiz is never wrong.
But what about something a little different? Røstlandet is flat as a pancake, and means that most people (we mean all) can take a bike ride or a walk here.
Bicycles can be rented at Røst Bryggehotell, and if there is one thing we recommend, it is to see Røst from the bicycle seat. Further from here you can get out on the hiking trails in the field. Out in the field on Røst, gap huts, fire pits and seabird huts have been set out. Here you can experience the wild nature as close as possible!

Take the whole gang on a fantastic trip out into the fields and just enjoy life. We also offer a guided bus tour around the island, a pleasant way to see Røstlandet. Here you are transported around to nooks and crannies and served useful facts all the way.

Contact us for a magical experience!
760 50 800

We can also be booked at

Source: Røst Bryggehotell


Courses, conferences and team building at Røst!


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