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Cross country skiing day trip

Experience this traditional way of travelling on a one-day skiing excursion in the Arctic environment around Karasjok. When experiencing nature is the goal there are still few things that can compare with skiing. It makes it relatively easy to move through the landscape and it is slow enough to give you time to take in and enjoy all the impressions that nature gives you. The only odours you can smell is nature’s own scents and the only sounds you can hear is the sound of your skis quietly gliding through the snow only accompanied by natures own silent calmness.

Turgleder’ guides are expert cross-country skiers and we would like to invite you to join us on a day trip in the natural areas surrounding Karasjok or on a longer trip into the beautiful, calm and fascinating landscape on the Finnmark Plateau.

A day trip on skis will start at Engholm Husky lodge. We will introduce you to the skis and other equipment you might need and we will show you some skiing techniques and how to wax your skis. Then we either start out directly from the lodge or we travel by car to a good starting point for the day. Since this is a cross-country skiing trip the trip can be both on and off tracks and when the time is right we find ourselves a nice place to make a fire and enjoy our lunch. Coffee or other hot drinks is also a natural part of a ski trip.

Departure from Engholm Husky Lodge, Karasjok
Minimum 2 guests

The price includes:
Guide, skiis and ski pols, lunch and hot drinks

* If you have your own skiing equipment, we recommend that you use this.
* If you do not have your own, you can borrow skis from us. Our skis are both classic wooden skis where you can use your own warm winter hiking boots and modern expedition skis with modern ski boots.

This trip is provided by: Turgleder as

Source: Book Finnmark


Cross country skiing day trip

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