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Cross country skiing in Grue

There are lots of cross country skiing trails in Grue

Grue IL, but also Namnå IL and Grinder IL has several areas with trails prepared with machines
Grue IL has a large number of trails, starting at Bergersætra, app 10 minutes driving east of Kirkenær. Here the trails stretch north and west, to Skasenden/Finnskogen Turist og Villmarksenter and to Namnå Il's main trails.

The mountain feeling
On the big "Frautjernsmyra", you can get the feeeling of being in the mountains. From here you can go south to Skasberget – or even further east, to Namnå IL's base Bjørsjøtorpet.
There are also good possibilities near the border to Sweden, at Mattila, which is on the Swedish side of the border. There is often good snow conditions here at Mattila.

If you wonder more about cross country skiing in Grue, ask the people who live here for advice!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Cross country skiing in Grue

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