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Cross-country skiing in Kvæfjordeidet

Crosscountry skiing in Kvæfjordeidet together with our local guide. From 1050 NOK.

If you visit Northern-Norway in winter, then skiing is almost a must. If you already have some experience on skis, we recommend a trip to Kvæfjordeidet together with our local guide.

We start off in our store by fitting the skis, shoes and poles and then the trip starts with a 15 minute car ride to Kvæfjordeidet, which lies 170 meters above the sea.

The very well prepped tracks start right from the parking area, so we can put on our skis and head into the forest. 
After about 2 km we will reach Svartåsen, from where we get a nice view towards Kvæfjord and Kveøya. 
Our goal is Lysvannet, which sits on a little hill, 258 meters above the sea level and around 3,6 km from the parking area. Here we can stop at a gapahuken (local shelter) to drink something warm and have a small snack before we return to the car.

The trip may vary a little, depending on the group, but if this sounds too challenging then we can recommend an introduction to skiing in Folkeparken.  The trip includes shoes, skis and poles, along with coffee and a traditional Norwegian lunch pack.

Bring something cold to drink and of course warm clothes for skiing. Also check out our clothing recommendation for Northern-Norway.

To participate in this trip you should have previous cross country skiing experience. 

Source: Destination Harstad


Cross-country skiing in Kvæfjordeidet

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