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Våler (hedmark)

Cross-country skiing in Våler

Våler municipality has three areas of groomed trails

In addition, there are scooter groomed trails in several areas.

The trails in Spulsåsen start from Våler center or Haslemoen. There are great trails to Spulsåstoppen. Light-trails are found between the center and Haslemoen. Vestmarka has a great terrain accessed from multiple starting points through a well-developed trail system. Svennebysetra ist the most popular winter recreational area in Våler. There are fine trails to Blåenga, which is an excellent viewpoint over the entire valley. Map and preparation information for both course areas: . Map of the area can also be purchased at Shell Våler or at city hall.

Sørsåsen have trails based in and around Braskereidfoss.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Cross-country skiing in Våler

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