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Cross-country skiing trails from Osbakken and lake Skumsjøen

Gjøvik – Cross-country skiing from Osbakken / Skumsjøen 

Osbakken by Skumsjøen – beautiful skiing experience in flat and gentle terrain
Osbakken is the perfect starting point for cross-country skiing in flat and gentle forest terrain. It is home to the idyllic DNT Osbakken, a self-catering Norwegian Trekking Association cabin with 28 beds, and also to Osbakken Café
From the trail ‘Skumsjøen rundt’, there are several side tracks leading up to Vardalsåsen to the west of Skumsjøen.
In the south, it links up with the main trail towards Sveumkrysset. The skiing association Skiforeningen has a website listing numerous options for beautiful ski trips from Osbakken. 
How to reach Osbakken
From Raufossvegen (formerly route 4) between Raufoss and Gjøvik, there is a sign towards Skumsjøen.
Use Google Maps to see route description based on your location

Trail maps and status reports
It is always wise to be well prepared for your ski trip.
See here for recommended trails and status reports for Osbakken and Skumsjøen

Recommended trips with Osbakken as starting point
• Skumsjøen rundt (8.5 km round-trip; easy)
See route description at
• Osbakken – Tjærevika – Veset (8.2 km return; easy)
See route description and possible combinations at

Food & drink
Osbakken Café
Heim Restaurant and Gastropub
Lasse Liten Café & Deli
Egon Gjøvik
Salt & Pepper
Khalles Corner
Fahlstrøm Bar & Grill
Peking Palace
Peppes Pizza 


Badeland Gjestegård, Raufoss
Gjøvik Hovdetun Hostel
Clarion Collection Hotel Grand, Gjøvik
Quality Hotel Strand, Gjøvik

Source: Visit Innlandet


Cross-country skiing trails from Osbakken and lake Skumsjøen

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