"Curling – a sport for everyone!" is a slogan that accurately describes our visitors' experience.

“Curling – a sport for everyone!" is a slogan that accurately describes our visitors’ experience.

This popular activity is ideal for groups and companies looking for a happening for its employees. It is a sport that quickly builds confidence regardless of skill level. The most important success factors are collaboration and interaction between the players. In short, Curling is the ultimate team sport.

Lillehammer Curling Club has organised team-building events for thousands of people over the past few years. The activity has a unique social aspect, and many return year after year.

All our visitors are looked after by proficient instructors.
A few hours on the ice may not make you a world champion (although it is a step in the right direction), but we can guarantee an excellent experience and an opportunity to sample a fantastic sport.

Are you ready to venture onto the ice? Recommended group size is 8 to 10 people.
For bookings or more information, please contact Lillehammer Curling Club.

Last updated: 05/03/2022

Source: Visit Lillehammer


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