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Cycle around the Gunnekleivfjord

Enjoy a short bicycle tour around Gunneklevfiord in Porsgrunn.

The cycle tour around the Gunneklevfjord in Porsgrunn is an easy trip of approx. 5 km in mostly flat terrain. The trip can easily be extended to, for example, north to the center of Porsgrunn or southwards to Heistad, a district in Porsgrunn.

Gunneklevfjorden is a small fjord that is divided in two by Herøya, where Norsk Hydro's factory is located. Along the way, you will come close and get a good view of the large industrial plants on Herøya. There is a lot of wildlife in the area and you can easily spot the ducks and swans that live on the small islands out in the fjord.

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Cycle around the Gunnekleivfjord

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