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Cycleroute from Hardbakke - Ytre Sula

Hardbakke – Ytre Solund
From Hardbakke you cycle west to Daløy, where you take the ferry to Haldorsneset. From Haldorsneset you can cycle north to Ytrøy, where Solundmat is located. Here you can buy fresh fish and shellfish, or perhaps a fenalår (mutton ham) from the wild sheep. On your trip back you can stop at Hjønnevåg, where there is a cafè in the summer. At Nåra there is a grocery shop. From the hills over Nåra you will get a good view west to the outer part of Solund, with the island Utvær furthest west.

Hardbakke – Daløy: 10 km.
Haldorsneset – Ytrøy: 3,6 km.
Haldorsneset – Nåra: 12 km.

From Hardbakke you can take the bus to Krakhella, and the express boat further to Askvoll, Rysjedalsvika, Mjømna or Bergen.

Last updated: 10/04/2021

Source: Visit FjordKysten

Cycleroute from Hardbakke - Ytre Sula

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