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Cycling adventures – Hadeland and Ringerike

The Ringerike region and Hadeland offer plenty of opportunities for exploring the countryside by bike. The many quiet country roads, the varied terrain and the short distances between bathing places and museums all ensure a memorable biking experience for all the family.

Randsfjorden's eastern and western shores
Randsfjorden is Norway's fourth-greatest lake, with an area of around 140 km². If you don't want to cycle around the entire lake, we recommend a round trip of the southern part of the lake, a distance of around 80 km.

The route passes through small, charming hamlets and old farming communities. The lake is just a short distance away if you fancy a dip. Follow road RV240 along the eastern shore of Randsfjorden from Jevnaker to Brandbu, then follow road RV34 to Horn where you catch the ferry to Tangen on the western shore, and return to Jevnaker along road RV245. There are many places where you can make a detour to explore the area.

Around Steinsfjorden
Sundvollen is an ideal starting point for a cycling trip around the beautiful lake of Steinsfjorden. The trip takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on how many breaks you take or detours you make along the way.

Follow the cycle lane over the bridge beside highway E16 past Vik and over Steinsåsen. By Stein Gård, the landscape opens up and you can see across Steinsletta. This is the site of the burial mound Halvdanshaugen; according to legend, this is where the king Halvdan Svarte was buried. Steinsletta is also home to the farm where the author Jørgen Moe grew up; the farm had been in the family since the 14th century.

In the summer, Steinsfjorden is virtually teeming with boats. The lake boasts many good bathing and fishing places. You can find 300-400 million year-old fossils on the beaches of Steinsfjorden and Tyrifjorden. The fossil areas are protected.
From Steinsletta, the route goes on to Norderhov medieval church and Ringerikes Museum. The museum is located at the old vicarage in Norderhov, which dates back to the end of the 16th century. After passing Norderhov and the museum, you follow the signs to Åsa.

The road meanders downhill along the eastern shore of Steinsfjorden. Make a detour to the old village store in Åsa – such shops are few and far between nowadays. Åsa was a much livelier place 200 years ago, when Peder Anker built the unique log transport system that carried timber from Steinsfjorden up the 400-metre ascent to Storflåtan and Nordmarka, from where the logs were driven to the sawmills on the river Lysakerelva.

If you turn right at the road sign that says Orebråtaveien, you will find the peaceful and idyllic bathing place Grantopp. The distance from Åsa back to the route's starting point is around 8 km.

Part of the above description is from the book "Sykkelturer i Buskerud" (Cycling trips in Buskerud) by Yngve Carlsson and Sissel Jenseth and is published with the permission of Syklistenes Landsforening.

Lommedalen – Sundvollen, 24 km
The distance from the centre of Oslo to Lommedalen is around 20 km. Follow the cycle lane beside highway E18, then turn into road 160 at Lysaker. Alternatively, you can start in Sandvika, 8 km from Lommedalen. The road via Bærums Verk is well signposted.

In Lommedalen, by Guriby, follow the old road Bergenske Kongevegen through Krokskogen. The road opened in 1805. Today it is a forest lane with a gravel surface. The road is quite steep for the first few kilometres, and then undulates through the forest. You will pass many old and idyllic settlements and summer farms. At Kleivstua, you can make a detour of 1.5 km to the viewpoint Kongens Utsikt. You will have to walk the last part. At the viewpoint, you get a panoramic view of Ringerike and the far-away mountains. There are lodgings at Kleivstua, or you can follow Dronningveien (asphalted) to Sundvolden Hotel. The route runs steeply downhill for the last 10 km. Sundvolden is one of the oldest hotels in Norway. Its restaurant serves local food and the hotel also has a gallery.

Sundvollen – Klekken, via Røyse peninsula, 30 km
From Sundvollen the route follows asphalted country roads and cycle lanes. Traffic can be heavy on the final section of the route towards Klekken.

From Sundvollen there is a cycle lane beside highway E16. Turn left at Vik and cycle to Bønsnes church. The church dates back to the 12th century and enjoys a scenic setting by Tyrifjorden. It is open to visitors in July. The route continues around Røyse peninsula towards Helgelandsmoen. Just before the sign to Onsakervika Camping, you should turn right and make a detour to see the burial mounds at Frøshaugåsen. Onsakervika Camping has a great beach open to day visitors. In Helgelandsmoen you will find a local group of artists in Galleri Klevjer (open on Saturdays in the high season). Look for the tallest building in the business park. You will also pass Ringerikes Museum, which enjoys a beautiful setting by the apple orchards next to Norderhov church.

Family-run Klækken Hotell is surrounded by a beautiful garden with a lush flora, special sculpture park and an inviting swimming pool with a pavilion.

Randsvangen – Brandbu, 34 km
Follow the road on the east side of Randsfjorden from Jevnaker towards Brandbu (road RV240), then turn towards Granavollen at Grymyr. There are plenty of good bathing places along Randsfjorden, so feel free to stop along the way if the weather permits. In the area around Granavollen there are many sightseeing spots: the 12th century sister churches are situated opposite the pilgrims' centre and are open in the summer. Hadeland Folkemuseum is nearby and so is Grinakervev, which weaves linen table cloths. Further along the way towards Brandbu you can pay a visit to Dåpstradisjon, the museum that exhibits beautiful christening gowns.

Just 5 km from Brandbu is Bleiken train station on the Gjøvikbanen rail line. There is only space for 12 bicycles per train on this line, so we recommend that you book in advance. (At weekends, you must book in advance if you bring a bike on board trains in the direction of Jaren/Gjøvik.)

If you wish to extend your trip by one day, you can cycle to Einavolden and on to Åstjern (23 km), spend the night in Åstjern and cycle the 8 km to Bleiken train station the next day.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Cycling adventures – Hadeland and Ringerike

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