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Cycling dresin

Ride a dressin

At special events in Lokstallen there will also be an opportunity to ride the dressin for a reasonable price.

Contact the staff at Lokstallen and they will help you.

Skulerud station was the end of the Urskog-Hølandsbanen "Tertitten" between Sørumsand and Skulerud. Skulerud was also the end station for boat traffic on the Halden Canal, between Tistedal by Halden and Skulerud. Skulerud station was an important hub.

The railway came to Skulerud in 1898 and was in operation until 1960. With the help of Riksantikvaren - national heritage-  the cultural environment at Skulerud station is being re-established with railway tracks, switches, turntables and buildings. Around 700 meters of rails have been laid in the station area.


Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Cycling dresin

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