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Cycling on Jøa island

 Jøa island is a very cycle-friendly island with very little traffic and several marked cycling routes. Jøa is known for Norwegian author Olav Duun. The island is relatively flat, with beautiful farming areas and terrain. On the island there are large amounts of deer, and it's not uncommon to spot some as you cycling along. 

There are five cycling routes to choose from, but you can also just pick a direction and start exploring. The cycling routes are between 3,9 km long to 11,9 km long. Most are suitable for all ages. 

You can borrow bicycles at  Brakstad Hamn, and  Fru L

Here you can see the cycling map of Jøa: CYCLING MAP OF JØA. 

Source: Visit Namdalen


Cycling on Jøa island

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