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Cycling route – Uskedalen (18,1 km)

Cycling around Uskedalen is a trip through a changing landscape.

Cycling around Uskedalen is a trip through a changing landscape. From the flat, gentle landscape down by the fjord, the valley changes as you get higher up to lush agricultural communities and on to more dramatic landscape with the sheer mountainsides of Ulvanosa towering over the valley.

There are two roads from Uskedalen valley, one on each side. They meet at Haugland and continue as one road all the way up to Friheim and Fjellandsbøvatnet lake. Start at the car park in the centre of Uskedalen and cycle up to Kjærlandssida and on to Haugland where the roads meet. The road then continues past Haugland old school, which is now a museum. Guided tours by appointment; contact the cultural office of Kvinnherad municipality. The valley narrows and the road passes Friheim, which is the uppermost farm in Uskedalen. This is the home of Friheim Gardsmat. This company makes meat products and has a sales outlet on the farm. If you cycle past Friheim, you come to Fjellandsbøvatnet lake, which is a lovely area.

Please note that cattle may be grazing in the area!

Return to the centre by the same route via Haugland and then follow the left side of the valley back down to the main road.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Cycling route – Uskedalen (18,1 km)

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