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Cycling routes in Elverum


In Elverum you are never far from the cultural life to the outdoor life and there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to go cycling. Elverum offers a number of different cycling routes, most of them are quite flat and family friendly. If you are interested in a a more challenging course, you will not have to look far. Here are some of the routes near Elverum:

Agåssløyfa (51 km), Fantasirunden (33 km), Kynndalsturen (73 km), Ryssjørunden (67 km), Skavhaugen rundt (33 km) og Stavåsrunden, short(11 km), medium (19 km) and long (29 km).

Last updated: 09/23/2022

Source: Visit Innlandet

Cycling routes in Elverum

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