Cycling tour - The Wilderness Round

The bike ride "Villmarksrunden" starts approx. 15 km from the Hogga lock by the Telemark Canal and is best suited for experienced trail cyclists.

The cycle route "Villmarksrunden" is located between Lunde and Drangedal in Nome municipality in Telemark. The starting point is approx. 15 kilometers from the Hogga lock (Telemark Canal). The round consists of a 22 kilometer path with some smaller transport stages on gravel and asphalt.

Level of difficulty
The degree of difficulty is medium / high.

Description of the cycle route
The cycle route starts at the car park at Åslandsfjell. From here you cycle up Sverdalsvegen and Hurumvegen to Storlifjell and follow the markings further. You spend about 3 hours cycling the whole round depending on your cycling skills and type of bike (electric bike is fastest). You can also divide the round into 3 different tours of approx. 1 hour each.

The round is best suited for experienced trail cyclists.

Cooperation and voluntary efforts
The route was officially opened by Nome trail bike on 20.05.22 and is operated with the help of voluntary efforts and donations.
Villmarksrunden is a collaboration between Nome trail bike and Høidalen, Sætre and Åsland cultural-historical association.

Last updated: 05/31/2022

Source: Telemarkreiser AL

Cycling tour - The Wilderness Round

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