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Dagros kafé

Dagros kafé on the island, Veierland. Take a ferry from Tenvik in Færder municipality or from Engø in Sandefjord, and out to idyllic Veierland.

There are no cars on Veierland and you will find a lovely hiking area. Here both adults and children can easily cycle, and you will find nice free areas and beaches.

Dagros kafé is open during the season April / May to September, and also every day during school holidays and otherwise weekends.

At Dagros café, you will get good food and drinks in beautiful and quiet surroundings.

The café organizes concerts, children's day and other activities during the summer, and can also organize private parties.

Transport to Veierland
Jutøya is the main ferry route between Veierland and Tenvik in Færder municipality; but there are also daily departures from Engø in Sandefjord municipality. Both ferry trips take 10-15 minutes.

Alternative is taxiboat.

Source: Visit Vestfold


Dagros kafé

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