Dalsdalen - Vigdalstøl

A few hundred years ago this path was the main road between Jostedal and Lustrafjorden. Vigdalen was then a part of Dale and this path was the road to church. The path is called Bispevegen (The Bishop's road) after Bishop Johan Nordal Brun, who travelled this path when visiting Jostedalen. The year of passing and the first letters of his name are engraved in the mountain beneath Storhaug.

From the starting point the trail cross the river near the deserted farm Kilen and continue a bit steep uphill towards Kilali. The trail passes Likholmyri (Corps-swamp) and Likhelleren (Corps-shelf) which got their names after struggling journeys to the graveyard in Dale. At the highest point of the trail you get to a trail-crossing (740 meters above sea level) that gives you several opportunities to continue your hike.

Take the marked trail north from the trail – crossing (740 meters above sea level). You hike underneath Storhaug and pass Breidsete before you cross the river to Vigdalstølen. DNT has a cabin here where it's possible to stay overnight. From Vigdalstøl you can easily walk down to the parking in Vigdalen or you can hike towards Fast, a day hike for experienced hikers.

Last updated: 09/08/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Dalsdalen - Vigdalstøl

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