Dalseter - Bingsbu - Dalseter (11 km)

Through the forest and up into the mountain to Bingsbu ski lounge, with option to continue to the Sprenpiggen peak at 1 329 m above sea level

Through the forest and up into the mountain to Bingsbu ski lounge, with option to continue to the Sprenpiggen peak at 1 329 m above sea level.

A moderately challenging trip leading through the forest, past Svartrabben, and up to the bare mountain.

Follow the trail along Peer Gynt Vegen up through the forest and towards Bingsbu/Sprenpiggen. Some elevation gain along the way. At approx. 3.5 km from Dalseter, you have reached Svartrabben. Continue straight ahead in direction Bingsbu. After Svartrabben, the route leads up above the tree-line to open scenery. Continue for approx. 2 km through gentle high-mountain terrain to Bingsbu. The Bingsbu cabin/ski lounge is open daily all year round, and is heated from early morning during the winter season.

Follow the same route back from Bingsbu, or return via Lohaugen. From Bingsbu, follow signs for Lohaugen: by the signpost approx. 300 m from Bingsbu, direction Sprenpiggen, turn left towards Lohaugen. After approx. 0.5 km down the hill, the trail forks by an old, weathered sign. Follow the trail to the right. After a gentle stretch downhill and into the birch forest, you will reach Lohaugen. From Lohaugen, follow signs for Dalseter. On your way back to Dalseter, continue straight ahead past the sign marked Haugaseter.

Excellent trip in either direction, both summer and winter. The cross-country ski trail is machine groomed and double-tracked. If you aim for the Sprenpiggen peak at 1329 m above sea level, there is a relatively steep climb from the foot of the mountain and up. This stretch is not groomed or way-marked in winter, but in summer the trail is clearly visible in the terrain.

Continue past the Bingsbu sign at the foot of Sprenpiggen, and follow the trail to the top.

Recommended stop:
As you reach the ridge above the signpost by Svartrabben, remember to turn around and take in the spectacular views of the valley and Jotunheimen. On a clear day, looking west, you may be able to see Galdhøpiggen to the left of Nautgardstind and Glittertind to the right. From the top of Sprenpiggen, you can enjoy breathtaking views in every direction.

Last updated: 08/23/2023

Source: Visit Lillehammer

Dalseter - Bingsbu - Dalseter (11 km)

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