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Dammane in Brevik

Dammane in Brevik is an inviting hiking area with nice paths located in a beautiful, varied and hilly terrain.

The five ponds, Dammane in Brevik, are Brevik's old source of drinking water and were completed in 1884. Here there are inviting walking areas with fine paths situated in a beautiful, varied and hilly terrain. The dams and the surrounding area have the status of a landscape conservation area.

Path from Dammane to the Pulpit and Ole Høiland's Cave
There is a path from Dammane to the Pulpit and Ole Høiland's Cave. But be aware, because it's precipitous below the main hang and it's a long way down to the lake. From here you have a nice view of most of the Frierfjord and the petrochemical plants on the Bamble side of the fjord. NB! Ole Høiland's cave is difficult to access.

Cycling is allowed here, but it is recommended that you use the main paths. This is due to considerations for vulnerable nature that can be affected by wear and tear from cycling.

Information boards
You will find several boards with information signs and maps of the landscape conservation area and the nature reserve. Parts of the area are adapted for the disabled, but there is some climbing from the car park upwards.

How to get to Dammane
To get to Dammane in Brevik, exit at Norcem (through the underpass) and follow the road south to the car park.
You can also drive into Trosvikbukta by the old railway station and on to Dammane.

Source: VisitGrenland AS


Dammane in Brevik

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