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Day trip cabin | Bremanger

Day trip cabin in Bremanger is located on Veten overlooking the big sea.

Access and parking Parking by Grotlesanden. The trail starts at the boathouse and continues to the stone yard and gate to the outcrop. The trail is not marked, but is very clear in the terrain all the way. The path to the cottage As you pass the gravel in the quarry, you start on the first climb which goes steeply uphill on the stone path to Grolsdalen approx. 300 masl Almost up there you have to pass a little airy area. After the river, the trail flattens out over a marsh of approx. 500 meters. It can get wet in this area. Here begins the next climb. The path is now more gravel and grass. It's steep uphill to about 500 meters above sea level. Again the path flattens out and goes over a nice grassy area until there is about 500 meters left to the top, when there is a slight climb before the finish. distances The cabin is about 527 meters. The trip up takes about two hours at a moderate pace.

Source: Nordfjord


Day trip cabin | Bremanger

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