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Day trip cabin in Fjaler - Vidsyn

The day trip cabin Vidsyn in Fjaler lays on Bygdeheia and has a beautiful view. A trip suitable for the whole family

The day trip cabin in Fjaler is located on Bygdeheia in Ytre Fjaler and has been named Vidsyn. From the top of Bygdeheia you will have a grand view in every direction, and beyond the sea towards the mighty Alden.

How to get to the day trip cabin?

The trip is located about a 40-minute drive from the municipal center Dale. From Flekke; follow fv607 towards Fure and park at Furset (located between Fure ferry quay and Våge school), or at Skor near Folkestad. It is recommended to drive to Furset where you turn off the main road and drive 750 meters along a gravel road to the car park.

Season for hiking to Bygdeheia

The day trip cabin is open all year round, and it is therefore possible to hike all year round. But, we do not recommend that inexperienced hikers go on a hike when there is snow and ice on the ground.

Tour description from Furset

There are two alternative routes up to the day trip cabin; from Furset or from Skor near Folkestad. The best parking opportunity is on the Furset side, and therefore we choose to give a tour description from this side.

The trail starts on a forest road before it turns sharply to the right. From there, you go straight up, before going up a small bend to the right. The bonus is that after a few meters of altitude you get a fantastic view out into the sea towards Alden.

The cabin is located at approximately 280 meters. There is about a 2 km path from both sides, and you will hike in between 30-60 minutes, depending on your pace.

The day trip cabin is open for everyone all year. It is not allowed to spend the night in the cabin.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Day trip cabin in Fjaler - Vidsyn

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