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Day trip cabin in Gaular - Skaraly

The day trip cabin Skaraly is one of four cabins in Sunnfjord. Excellent for a hike on its own or as a short or longer stop with fantastic views.

The day trip cabin Skaraly is located at approximately 700 meters above sea level and offers a fantastic view of Dalsfjorden, Storehesten, and the Sunnfjord mountains. It's also great to swim in the small lakes around or relax in the sun and enjoy the view.

Where is the day trip cabin located?

The day trip cabin is located at Kårstadskaret on the road up towards the mountain Storehesten (Kvamshesten).

How do I get to the day trip cabin?

Turn off from E39 towards Bygstad and Bringeland, then follow fv. 57 to Bygstad. From Bygstad, there are signs directing to Storehesten. Pass by Rytne farm and pay the toll. Parking is at Nygjeldshaugane.

Tour description to the day trip cabin Skaraly

The hike takes place in a beautiful and airy mountain terrain, following the same route as Storehesten. The trail is well-maintained with gravel, gravel, stone slabs, and railings at some places. On the way up to the cabin, you pass through a beautiful mountain farm area. From the cabin, it's great to continue the hike to both Litlehesten and Storehesten.

The ascent takes just over 1 hour at a normal walking pace. The hike has varied elevation and is moderately challenging. The cabin is located at about 700 meters above sea level, and the elevation difference from the parking lot to the cabin is about 300 meters. It is a 2 km one-way trip.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Day trip cabin in Gaular - Skaraly

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