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Day trip cabin in Måløy - Kletten

The day trip cabin in Måløy is located on Kletten, 138 masl. A trip suitable for the whole family.

From the day trip cabin on Kletten, you have a beautiful view of the fjord, mountains, and the ocean. The cabin is facing Måløy, and from the window, you have an overview of one of the busiest sea routes south of Stad.

Where is the day trip cabin Kletten located?

The day trip cabin in Måløy is situated on the mountain Kletten in Deknepollen.

How to get to the day trip cabin Kletten?

Parking at ASVO

The quickest route to the day trip cabin starts at Kulen in Deknepollen.

From Måløy, take rv. 15 over Måløybrua to the mainland. Take the first left turn after the bridge onto Ytre Kulen. After about 100 meters, park in the gravel lot at ASVO. Walk 100 meters further west on Ytre Kulen, then turn onto the road under Måløybrua. After a few meters, you'll see a path to the left leading up to the bridge. Follow this up to rv. 15, cross the main road, and walk east along the sidewalk on the opposite side.

Season for the trip to Kletten

The day trip cabin is open year-round. In periods with a lot of rain, the trail may become slippery and muddy. In winter, when the trail is covered in snow and ice, you must assess whether you are suitable for the hike.

Description of the hike to the day trip cabin Kletten

The hike from Kulen is short but steep. The trail starts at the main road on the east end of Måløybrua and is marked with signs. The path ascends steeply through the spruce forest before becoming more undulating towards the cabin. The ascent takes just under 30 minutes.

There is access to an outdoor toilet at the cabin.

Overnight stays in the cabin are not allowed.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Day trip cabin in Måløy - Kletten

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