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Day trip cabin in Sogndal

The day trip cabin in Sogndal is called Stedjestova, and is located 300 meters above sea level. in Stedjeåsen. The cabin has a view of the center in the north-east and Storehaugen in the south.

Access and parking
If you come from Skei or Lærdal, you must take off from rv. 5 to fv. 55 against Balestrand. After Shell, turn off towards Stedje church. If you come from Leikanger, turn right towards Stedje church by Shell. Follow the signs, and parking is at Stedje church and Stedje kindergarten. Please note that there is a parking fee.
The path to the cabin
From the church, the road to the path is signposted. When you have come through the housing field, the path starts up to Stedjeåsen. Halfway to the top, the cabin is close to the path on a ledge in the terrain. The trail follows the ridge up Stedjeåsen, and in some places the trail is relatively steep. The cabin is still well accessible for most people in normal shape, including families with children.
The trip is 1.3 km and 250 altitude meters. You can expect to spend about 30-40 minutes walking calmly.

Last updated: 02/08/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Day trip cabin in Sogndal

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