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Den Grøne Fabrikken

Den Grøne Fabrikken is located by the sea, in a historic and beautiful workshop- and boathouse environment on Osterøy less than an hour from Bergen.

Here you can rent a room to spend time with your friends, socialize with your workmates or other events. We also offer art exhibitions, gallery shop, art workshop for all ages, courses, team building, yoga, painting, cooking and other creative activities. Ready-made plans, or tailored according to your wishes.

 Den Grøne Fabrikken was originally built as a workshop for making trunks in the 1880s.

In 1935, the building burned down, but was rebuilt the same year. Over the years, the building has served as a furniture factory, a music workshop and a scenery workshop.

Since 2019, the building has been renovated and appears to be a good mix of old and new. In 2023 the factory was completely renovated and has several rooms that can be used for various purposes.

The building will be used for activities within art and culture. We offer exhibitions, intimate concerts, room hire for working on projects, hire for private events, course activities, etc.

Maximum capacity:
60 people in Salen and 25 people in Stova.

Contact Lars Magne Bysheim by email or tel. 901 20 990

Source: Visit Bergen


Den Grøne Fabrikken

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