Den Sorte Gryte Ysteri & Gårdsmat

Here at Den Sorte Gryte you will find peace with the animals close by, - feel that time goes a little slower and experience with all senses; see, hear, smell, feel and taste.

Happy, jumping goats welcome you. If you want, you can go for a walk around the farm with goats in a leash. Close contact with the goats, local cheese production and our unique farm restaurant with a view down to the goats in the barn are just some of what you can experience with us. World-class real goat cheese In the dairy, we make white and brown goat cheese, prim, gomme, salad cheese, camembert, caramel pudding, cheesecakes, and other dairy products from fresh milk. In the World Cheese Awards 2018 we won Super Gold for our «Sprø Nordlenning» and gold for « Brun Geitost (Brown Goat Cheese)» Farm restaurant In the farm restaurant with a beautiful view of the Vestfjord you will find 45 seats. We also arrange to be able to eat out in the yard next to our animals, so you can experience farm life while enjoying a tasty meal. We serve hot dishes of local ingredients, for lunch or dinner, dessert, coffee and cakes. The menu varies according to season and ingredients. With a lift to restaurant on the second floor the farm is also adapted for guests with disabilities. Farm Shop Our farm shop has the same opening hours as the restaurant, and abounds with freshly made Brown Goat Cheese and well-aged White Goat Cheese, among others like Sprek Nordlænding, Sprø Nordlænding, Frisk Bris and caraway ost, Cheesecakes, Caramel pudding, goatmeat, goatskin and other local products. From the farm shop there are windows into the dairy, where the brown cheese is cooked on a wood-fired pit in a large, black iron pot, hence the name "Den Sorte Gryte". Welcome to a pleasant experience with us at Den Sorte gryte Ysteri & Gårdsmat!

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Visit Vesterålen

Den Sorte Gryte Ysteri & Gårdsmat

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