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Digital tour guides with Norway's greatest artists

Pod tours with Norway's greatest artists

Explore the town with Flagstad, Munch, and Prøysen

On 17 May 1882, an 18-year-old Edvard Munch arrives at Hamar. He is here to visit his good friend Bjarne Sejersted Falk and his family. Their residence is Strandgata 43, an address at which the artist will experience numerous exciting meetings that may have had significant impact on the searching young artist.

In collaboration with Åse Krogsrud, Øystein Krogsrud, Tor Karset and the Munch Centre, StoryPhone has produced a guided walk through Hamar town centre. Along the way are places where Munch and Falk made drawings of the town. The drawings are combined with photographs from the same period. You also get to know the Hamar artist Bjarne Falk. The trip lasts for approx. 40 minutes, and provides a different insight into Hamar town in the 1880s. 

You are also invited to StoryPhone trips with Kirsten Flagstad and Alf Prøysen, or you can use the app to get to know Hamar’s museums. 

Through headphones or earphones, you are served short inspiring stories from various locations in Hamar town centre. Several of these are supplemented with historical photos, newspaper cuttings, and other illustration. There are also a few films, and some text with links to more information. 

To find your way, use the map available in the app.

Download the app izi.TRAVEL and read more here.

Last updated: 05/31/2022

Source: Visit Hedmark AS

Digital tour guides with Norway's greatest artists

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