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Disc golf in Gjøvik -18 hole forest track

Gjøvik dic golf track in Øverby
Gjøvik Frisbee club got a brand new disc golf course in Øverby overlooking Gjøvik and Lake Mjøsa. The track is free to use. 
So far the course consists of 18 holes in woodland terrain with several different challenges. 

Feel free to bring some friends and run the course, either just for fun or as a honourable competition.
The first hole is right by the parking lot. (Free parking)
Remember to bring your own discs. :)

Check out the map, which may be downloaded or printed 

Please follow our few and simple rules:
- Be mindful of others using the track.
- Don't throw a disc is someone is in the general direction of your throw.
- Do not break small trees or manipulate the natural obstacles.
- Please stay still when others throw.
- If possible, stand behind the one who's throwing.

Thank you for taking responsibility and only leaving trash in the trash cans. That way the next guy can be just as pleased as you are.
You will find trash cans on the parking lot, between hole 5 and 6 and right by hole 8.

Welcome to the disc golf track in Gjøvik!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Disc golf in Gjøvik -18 hole forest track

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